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Weekly letter from St Luke's - 26 August 2020

Dear Parish Friends Last Sunday we welcomed Sherril Molloy and Sharen Mehan from the Anglican Schools Commission (ASC). They enjoyed meeting with us and sharing their views about the proposed Anglican Early learning Centre. I have their contact details if anyone would like to continue the discussion with them. Attached is a summary of last week’s Parish Council. You will note that there is to be a special meeting of the council next week to fully discuss the ASC proposal, and I will send out a summary of all the information received to date with my letter next week. Whenever there is a big decision to be made in the life of the church, the most important thing that we can all do is to pray f

Weekly letter from St Luke's - 19 August 2020

Dear Parish Friends Amongst all the other responses that came from the recent parish survey was a number of comments about a vision that our services should be “joyous occasions – with music and greater parishioner involvement in services while maintaining the more formal sacramental elements within the service.” I believe that our services are joyous occasions, where we meet with each other and with God through Word and Sacrament. Worshipping together is a very different experience to attending the theatre or going to a gig; we are not just passive watchers, but active participants. In medieval times the congregation seemed largely spectators, standing in the nave whilst the priest in the c

Weekly letter from St Luke's - 5 August 2020

Dear Parish Friends As I write this evening, June and I have just finished hosting the second of the ‘Superstar’ study group sessions. The theme was ‘miracles’ which followed nicely on from what we were thinking about last Sunday, with the gospel passage of the feeding of the 5000. The gospel writers, especially John, saw miracles as signs that pointed towards God. This is the key point; a miracle is where God acts in the world. Whether what happens can be explained either at the time, or in hindsight, is not really relevant. With the eye of faith we can see God at work. But then, is the corollary true? If we don’t see God at work, is God not there? Bishop David Wilbourne, who wrote the ‘Sup


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