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Bible discussion group


The Purpose of the Prayer Circle is to support the individuals and families who have requested specific prayers for both on-going and short term needs. Prayers may be for any aspect of a person’s life including petitions and thanks for spiritual, emotional or physical healing. Prayer Circle members also pray each week for those people whose names are published in St Luke’s Parish Bulletin.  The Prayer Circle operates by passing prayer requests to all members, who then offer personal prayer support to those requesting.

People Requesting Prayers:
If you would like the Prayer Circle to pray on your behalf or for a relative or friend please ensure that that person or their carer has requested prayer and knows that the Prayer Circle has been advised and will be interceding on their behalf. Please respect people’s privacy and include only those things the person wishes to share. 

Contact Coordinator - Rector
3848 2123


Teen study group

What we sing with our lips, may we learn in our hearts, and reflect in our lives. May it be pleasing to our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen 


St. Luke's Parish has an active music ministry. Parishioners are encouraged to share their love of music through congregational singing, participation in the church choir, instrumental solos and accompaniments; and music for weddings and funerals. Special consideration is given to music for Christmas, with an instrumental ensemble forming to accompany the carols evening. St. Aidan’s Day in September and St Luke’s Pastoral Festival in October provide further opportunity for musical contributions. 

A special feature at St Luke’s church is the pipe organ, which greatly augments the worship with its expressive capacity and vibrant acoustics.

A small choir rehearses weekly, and strives to sing twice a month, at one 9am and one 7am service at St Luke’s. Music is taken from a wide repertoire, from classical to modern choruses; and is presented during communion to add reflection and meaning to the Eucharist. Other contributions have included singing at the local nursing homes, community ANZAC day services, and participation in the Community Christmas Carol Programs at the local Primary school. The choir enthusiastically welcomes new members and no previous music training is required. 

With this love of music abounding, we have been fortunate over the years to have professional musicians invited to entertain us. Numerous choirs, orchestras, chamber ensembles, singers and instrumentalists have performed at St Luke’s to appreciative audiences. 

Contact Sue - 33424510

Bible discussion group

ACTS 1:8

ACTS 1:8 Committee - Coordinating our Mission Outreach

St Luke's supports a number of local and overseas mission outreach organisations. The ACTS 18 committee organises and promotes mission outreach to parishioners and others. We support the Australian Board of Mission (ABM) and the Church Missionary Society (CMS), Bush Ministry Fund, Mission to Seafarers, the Diocese and its works, and support of disadvantaged indigenous families with food hampers at Christmas.

We support Regis Aged Care (279 Lillian Avenue Salisbury) with communion services (click here for times) , and other fellowship visits for sing-alongs at Christmas and Easter.

Overseas Mission Mission activity is undertaken through ABM and CMS. As well as parish contributions to both bodies in the budget, we promote sale of ABM Christmas Cards and organise "Beautiful Feet Sunday", an activity of CMS in June each year to remind us of the "beautiful feet" of missionaries who "bring glad tidings". Children produce "beautiful feet" lining the aisle to remind us of God's mission to the world. Our CMS link missionaries are Dr Bruce Hayes and Mrs. Libby Hayes.

Parishioners are also support the Samaritan's Purse, Operation Christmas Child, which provides shoe boxes of practical and fun gifts for needy children overseas, organised in conjunction with the Children's Ministry team. 

Contact David or Sharon via the Parish Office


Our Children's Ministry is held every Sunday during school terms, and is integrated into our 9:00am Family Worship Service.  It is open to all pre-school and school age children. After the start of the service, our Children's Ministry leaders escort the kids from the church to the Hall, where, in a safe and supportive environment, they do activities and have age appropriate discussion related to the readings and prayers of the day.


All our Children's Ministry leaders hold Blue Cards, and undertake training in Safe Ministry to Children.

For more information of Children's Ministry, email


Bible discussion group

Kofi Klub is a fellowship group for women within the parish. Our aim is to get to know each other better and support each other as we live our lives and raise our families. We meet monthly for an evening of fellowship. 

We are active in supporting parish initiatives including - cooking and serving food for the annual Pancake Dinner and other events, supporting fundraising activities.

We form part of many of the lay support teams for the Parish, including the brass and flower roster, Powerpoint presenters and readers.

If you’d like to join us for an evening of coffee, cake and chatting or to help with any of our activities, please just call 0402 058 919.



The Theatre Society has enjoyed over 60 years of successful operation. The society performs 3 or 4 major plays each year plus play readings.


From 2021, they will perform their productions at Christ Church, Yeronga, whilst our site redevelopment project progresses.

Guest directors are invited to lead the major productions, and actors are selected from within the Society or auditioned from the wider community.  The Society regularly receives positive and encouraging reviews in local media and is widely acclaimed. Each season includes up to 8 performances including weekend matinees.
The Theatre Society supports a number of of charities, including World Vision, Smith Family Sponsorship and local and overseas charities, as well as the Parish. 

Fund-raiser groups wanting to organise events attending a performance can benefit from discount offers for Block Bookings of 20+ attendees. 

New members are encouraged to join in all activities. The group is ecumenical and friendly, and open to anyone over 17 years of age involved with the many aspects of theatre. The Societies' activities are geared to presenting top quality family entertainment at an extremely reasonable price.

The Patron is Keith Schwarten.

CLICK HERE to go to the Theatre Society's own web-site.

community. Get in touch today or swing by for a visit.


A number of home based and church based study and fellowship groups operate within the Parish.  These meet throughout the year on a regular basis, and may do Bible or other book studies, or just meet for fellowship and prayer.  These groups are mostly smaller and more personal in nature, and offer the opportunity to meet and better understand other peoples' faith.


During Lent and Advent, studies specific to these seasons are run.

For details on any study groups see Events and Notices or contact the Office or Parish Priest - 3848 2123


Throughout the year the Parish runs a number of fundraising events, including street stalls for craft and bakery goods, Car Boot Sales, dinner and Trivia Night events. Fundraising may be done for specific mission outreach activities and projects.

If you would like to contribute to our fundraising efforts or need details, see our Events and Notices, or contact Janette - 3277 8848

Prayer Circle
Kofi Club
Pastoral Care
Study Groups
Children's Ministry


Most groups in recess due to Coronirus restrictions - see our on-line worship and gathering pages

For current Study Groups, contact Rev Timothy or the Parish Office ph 3848 2123

Study group


The Pastoral Care Committee is a dedicated team with a genuine care and concern for the sick, frail, incapacitated or bereaved members of our community. They do this because they are motivated by Christian Love for one another. 

The team make telephone calls, home, hospital or nursing home visits and send appropriate greeting cards. We rely on people in our community to inform us of those in need and work in conjunction with the other “pastoral” groups in the parish;  the Prayer Chain and the Home Communion team. 

If you know someone wanting support or you need help yourself please contact our co-ordinator Jenny on 3892 2876. 


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