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Weekly letter from St Luke's - 1 July 2022

Dear Parish Friends On this fourth Sunday after Pentecost, we continue to read through Luke's gospel, and see that right from the outset Jesus intended his mission to be shared. Not only did he have his twelve chosen disciples round him, but a large group of men and women who followed him. In this week's gospel passage we hear that Jesus sends these followers out as ambassadors, preparing the people they spoke to for the coming of Jesus and the gospel of the kingdom. They were told to greet all they meet with "Peace to this house!" and "The kingdom of God has come near to you", messages that we today are called to bring to those whose paths we cross. Our services are at 7am and 9am as usual. Zoom streaming will be included at 9am and the week's notice paper and service sheet for the 9am service are available via the links below. Remember the following meetings which will review the designs for our redevelopment:

  • Saturday 2nd 10am. Memorial Garden

  • Saturday 2nd 11am. Outside areas (garden, car park etc.) plus church deck and interface to church.

  • Sunday 3rd 10.15am. Child care centre areas (focussing on those areas to which we will have access for things like Children's Ministry).

A meeting to review the plans for the new hall, and the refurbished old hall will be held next Thursday 7th at 4pm. All the plans will be uploaded to this site as they become available. Yours in Christ Rev'd Timothy


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