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Weekly letter from St Luke's - 15th December 2023

Dear Parish Friends

The gospel reading for the third Sunday of Advent tells of John the Baptist. The focus though is not about John himself, in contrast to Mark's gospel we do not get a description of him, but on the one to whom John was pointing, Jesus, and who Jesus was. The writer of the gospel of John, sees this as the place to start. All that will be written points towards the one who was, and is, the light of the world. John in the wilderness witnessed to his coming, and in this Advent time, it is a calling for us as well.

Our services are at 7am and 9am as usual with Zoom streaming at 9am. There won't be Children's church, but there will be a children's message and some activity sheets available.

The following weekend is Christmas! If you are able to help with the running of the services on Christmas Eve (5pm and 11pm) or Christmas Day (9am), then there will be a sheet at the back of church this Sunday to add your name. If you are able to help, but won't be in church this Sunday, send me an email! We are looking for welcomers, readers, intercessors (I will supply these), Liturgical Assistants, server (11pm Christmas Eve only), PowerPoint, and Zoom (9am Christmas Day only).

Yours in Christ

Rev'd Timothy


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