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Weekly letter from St Luke's - 19 August 2022

Dear Parish Friends It is good to be back with you in Ekibin and June and I are looking forward to sharing the Sunday services with you. Services are at 7am and 9am as usual, with Zoom option for the 9am service. The week's Notice Paper and order of service for 9am are linked below. Our gospel passage this week describes Jesus healing a woman with a crippling condition, and the indignant response of the leader of the synagogue to the fact that this 'work' was done on the Sabbath. It is often easy to read such passages with a black/white attitude - clearly Jesus will heal an affliction; clearly the synagogue leader is wrong - but it more nuanced. As we look at this passage there are questions to be explored about what does it mean to be healed (in fact Jesus says the woman is 'set free'), and how do we interpret the commands of scripture. Yours in Christ Rev'd Timothy


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