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Weekly Letter from St Luke's - 21 January 2022

Dear Parish Friends

Many of us gathered at St Luke's this morning for a Memorial Service to give thanks for the life of Robin Kreltzheim. As Rev'd Denis remarked, Robin was a rarity, a simple honest man, with a simple honest faith. He was much loved by the community of St Luke's and our prayers are with his extended family at this time. A recording of the service is available here.

This morning we also learn of the passing of another much loved member of our community. Barbara Johnson died early this morning at Regis Yeronga. Her funeral will be held at St Luke's, and I will send details once they are known. Please keep Alan and the rest of your family in your prayers.

Our services on Sunday are as usual at 7am and 9am (with the 9am service streamed on Zoom). Links to the weekly notices and the 9am service sheet are below. Our epistle from 1 Corinthians 12 seems very poignant as we remember members of our community. Paul reminds us that though many, we are of one body, each with our own gifts to share, and our own God given ministry. The following poem, by Janice Walkden, a poet from Lancashire in England, puts this very well:

We are all sooooo special

More than we know

Our Father of Love

Has made it so

The Gifts we're given

Are for us to share

With others around us

To show that we care

Whether its healing

And relieving pain

Or delivering messages

Its all the same

Hold on to what's good

And try not to fear

For one day soon

It will all become clear

We are all connected

On this material plane

So don't be scared

There is so much to gain

For here we learn

So much you know

All this learning

Helps our souls to grow

So don't be afraid

Open your eyes, look around

There is much more going on

Than mere 'sight' and 'sound'

So much more -

You can't even see

One day you will though

One day you'll be free

Yours in Christ

Rev'd Timothy


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