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Weekly letter from St Luke's - 28 January 2022

Dear Parish Friends As I write this message, we are preparing to celebrate the life of Clyde Mitchell at 2pm this afternoon. Then on Monday, we have a service to celebrate the life of Barbara Johnson at 11am. As a large number are expected to attend this service, and COVID19 regulations limit the number allowed in the church, you are invited to register for overflow seating in the Upper Hall where the service can be viewed, and to join in fellowship over refreshments afterwards. If places in the church become available, the family will contact you and organise a move. Click here to register by Sunday evening. A live stream will also be available via Vimeo at this link. Our services on Sunday are at the usual times of 7am and 9am. As this will be the fifth Sunday of the month, the 9am service will be a family service of prayer and praise with activities for all ages, children included, in church. This service will be streamed as usual, and the service sheet, together with this week's Notice Paper, are available below. The focus of the readings are the call to tell people the Good News. We are all commissioned to do this; following the example of the Old Testament prophets such as Jeremiah, who addressed the issues of his day; of Jesus, proclaiming that the promises of God were for now and for everyone; and of St Paul, who tells the Corinthian church that the essence of this call is love - us in our small way reflecting to those around us the love that God has shown us. Yours in Christ Rev'd Timothy


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