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COVID-safe worship at St Luke's

We are operating under a COVID-safe plan and, unless otherwise notified, our church and other facilities are open. Given the ongoing Coronavirus situation and the necessity to abide by government and diocesan regulations, things will be a little different. Key points to bear in mind are:

 The parish council has decided to welcome anyone, regardless of vaccination state, to attend church services at St Luke's, although it is a diocesan requirement that all volunteers on parish rosters are vaccinated, and we strongly recommend that everyone who is eligible has had their vaccinations including boosters.  Please do not come if you have been in contact with a COVID-19 case, or if you are currently, or have recently, experienced cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath.  Parishioners who are in a vulnerable group (over 70's, or those over 65 with underlying health issues) are advised to consider carefully if they wish to come in person to the service (services will continue via Zoom – see below).  The maximum capacity of the church building is 100. At festivals it may be useful to pre-register. Notice to this effect will be published in our weekly news. Please register your attendance via the 'Check in QLD app' as you arrive. If you don't have a smartphone, a welcomer will assist in recording your attendance..  The recommended physical distancing of 1.5m need to be adhered to both whilst sitting and standing before and after the service. Every alternate pew will be closed off. (Family members who live together can sit together).  Communion will be distributed standing from the chancel step and only in one form, the bread. Remember that the Anglican understanding is that in receiving the bread, one still fully participates in the communion. Please maintain physical distancing whilst coming up for communion.  We will not pass the collection plate. A plate will be available at the back of church as you enter, but for convenience, and for the safety of the counters, it would be much preferred if you would continue to use electronic means of giving. We now have a 'donation tap' machine that enables you to donate $10 by tapping your credit or debit card.  We will not hand out hymn books or prayer books. The services will be on the screen. Please take your Pew Bulletins home with you as we cannot give them to someone else.

The 9am family service will be streamed via Zoom at the usual address. There will also be a service wholly by Zoom on Saturday evening at 6pm on the first weekend of the month and at festivals as advertised, which will include the Sunday gospel reading, prayers and music. Orders of service for these services will be available in advance.

Evening prayer will continue on Zoom at 6pm on Tuesday to Friday, and there will be a Zoom service at 6pm on the Saturday before the first Sunday of each month.

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