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Weekly letter from St Luke's - 20th January 2023

Dear Parish Friends

This week is the third Sunday after the Epiphany, and so our readings lead us to think about the revealing of Jesus at the start of his ministry. The account of Jesus calling his first disciples, the fishermen Simon, Andrew, James and John, is particularly revealing. Rabbis usually waited for someone to come and request to study with them, but here Jesus takes the initiative and seeks out his disciples. Their calling was not to merely sit at Jesus' feet (but we will be reading the Sermon on the Mount over the next few Sunday's, which shows that this is valuable), but to follow Jesus. The disciples are called out of their time and place to use their skills for the spread of the gospel of hope. The same applies to us. Listening to God's word is important, but that leads to following God's way in practical and concrete terms.

Our services are as usual: Holy Communion at 7am, and Family service with Communion (and Zoom stream) at 9am. The week's notice paper and 9am service sheet are linked below.

A message from Brian Wood:

Parish Centre Clean Up - Saturday 21st January 9:00am - midday THAT'S TOMORROW!

As we are looking to try to get some short term rental or meeting type rentals for the Parish Centre in the coming months, we need to do a bit of a clean up of the Parish Centre. We will be cleaning the spare office, kitchen, bathrooms and other open rooms. Tasks will include vacuuming, mopping floors, bench and surface cleaning and general cleaning of the upstairs areas. All welcome, please bring cleaning clothes, buckets, mops, and if you require particular type of gloves to use. We will have cleaning materials, and gloves available, and a vacuum cleaner and brooms. Tea, coffee and cold water will be available, bring some morning tea to share if able. Call Brian (0466656149) for any further information.

Yours in Christ

Rev'd Timothy


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