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Weekly letter from St Luke's - 14 January 2022

Dear Parish Friends

The current situation changes almost daily. What was written in this weekend's notice paper, which was drafted on Wednesday and printed on Thursday, is already out of date! The electronic version (link below) has been updated.

We have decided that it is prudent to delay the resumption of Children's Church until 6th February (when Queensland state schools resume), although we will hold our 'fifth Sunday' service of praise, prayer and proclamation with activities for all ages on Sunday 30th January at 9am. We will continue to offer services in-person at St Luke's on Sunday at 7am and 9am. In addition there will be a service of Holy Communion next Wednesday morning at 10am. Other parish events will either be postponed, or moved to an online format.

Remember too that our 9am service is streamed over Zoom (link with details below). We have done some work this week on the sound quality, so please give feedback if this proves helpful or not.

In our gospel reading this week we continue the theme of Epiphany, as Jesus is revealed for who he is. The miracle of changing water into wine at the wedding of Cana (or the 'sign' as John's gospel puts it), reveals the extravagant nature of God's divine generosity in God's gifts to humankind. However, as we look around, in many places signs of this abundance are notably absent. In the passage it is his mother who prompts Jesus to act, which encourages us to continue in prayer for the world.

In this light, I will repeat the prayer I sent last week, which Bishop Cameron (Bishop of the Western Region) sourced from Canterbury Cathedral:

Almighty God,

healer of the sick and strength of the weak,

look with mercy on all who suffer at this time.

Bring healing to those who are sick,

bring peace to those who are anxious,

bring strength to those who care for them,

and wisdom to our leaders

that our whole society may journey together

through this difficult time

with determination and generosity,

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Yours in Christ


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