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Weekly letter from St Luke's - 18th November 2022

Dear Parish Friends

This Sunday marks the last day of the church's year before the season of Advent starts a new cycle. The themes of the readings this weekend amply bookend the liturgical cycle. The year starts with the hope of the coming Messiah. The Holy Week, Easter, Ascension stories revealed Jesus to be Lord of earth and heaven, and tell of the promises to all faithful followers to be reconciled to God. The Feast of Christ the King proclaims Jesus' universal sovereignty, but also returns us to the Advent theme of judgement and the need for repentance, with which the cycle once more begins.

Our services are as usual at 7am and 9am, with Children's ministry and Zoom options at 9am. The liturgy for the 9am service and the weekly notice paper are available via the links below.

Also at our services, there will be an opportunity to contribute towards the diocesan gift for Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, who is laying up his pastoral staff (retiring) in early December. For more details of this see page 2 of the notice paper.

Finally, don't forget the St Celia Day musical celebration on Sunday (2pm at St Philip's Anglican Church in Buranda). Come to enjoy some beautiful music and support our choir who are contributing to the programme.

Yours in Christ

Rev'd Timothy


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