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Weekly letter from St Luke's - 10th March 2023

Dear Parish Friends

Both our Old Testament reading from Exodus and our New Testament reading from John's gospel have a theme of life-giving water. Water is an amazing substance, when it freezes it floats on the liquid (so for instance life can survive below the top of a frozen lake), it is a good solvent (so in the body the blood can carry nutrients to where they are needed and remove waste products). Thus to the Israelites in the wilderness God gave water to preserve their bodies, and to the woman at the well, Jesus promised living water to preserve her soul. Thus, with the Psalmist we can "make a joyful noise to [God] with songs of praise." (Psalm 95:2)

This Sunday our services are as usual: APBA Holy Communion Order Two at 7am and then Family Service with communion and Children's Ministry at 9am (also streamed on Zoom). The week's notice paper and 9am service sheet are linked below. As we are in the season on Lent, you are encouraged to arrive a little earlier for service. Five minutes before the advertised service time a bell will be rung and the sentence of the day said, and then you are invited to pray silently until the service starts on the hour.

After the 9am service, around 10.30am, a group will convene to take a look at the results from the National Church Life Survey we did last year. All welcome. If you would like information in advance, then let me know.

Yours in Christ

Rev'd Timothy


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