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Weekly Letter from St Luke's - 18 March 2022

Dear Parish Friends

This week is the third week of Lent, and our focus is water. We reflect on water both as the physical gift that sustains life - it is truly an amazing substance - and also as an symbol of the spiritual gift of God through baptism in the name of Jesus, who offers living water. We need both these to live, and Isaiah implores us to 'Come to the waters' (Isaiah 55:1).

Services are as usual on Sunday at 7am and 9am, with the 9am service also being streamed over Zoom. Service sheets for the streamed service, the weekly notice paper, and a reminder of the Zoom address and password are available on the links below. For those coming to St Luke's on Sunday, please aim to arrive at least 5 minutes before the service starts as there will be a time for silent prayer as we begin.

Tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) we have a gathering for families with young children in Laura Street Park from 4pm. Come for some fellowship, pizza and wine - look for the 'St Luke's' banner. Plenty of space for the children to play safely.

This Sunday is the deadline for bringing items for the gift basket for the staff at Regis Salisbury. These are to show them that we acknowledge the wonderful work they do with the residents, particularly in recent stressful times. At the moment they are also accommodating some residents displaced from Regis Yeronga, which flooded the other week. Possible items include; soaps, scented candles, perfumes, after shaves, bubble bath liquids, hand towels, flannels/face washers, hand lotions, face creams, moisturisers, chocolates, biscuits, board games, books of puzzles/crosswords… etc. get the idea. (Sorry, no home baking.)

Finally, remember that the St Luke's Theatre Society play, 'Much ado about nothing' continues this evening. Details at

Yours in Christ

Rev'd Timothy


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