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Weekly Letter from St Luke's - 19th April 2024

Dear Parish Friends

The fourth Sunday of Easter is known as 'Good Shepherd Sunday.' Our gospel passage comes from the gospel of John where Jesus calls himself the 'good shepherd'. This image of Jesus draws heavily on the Old Testament. In Psalm 23 (which is also set for this Sunday) God's character, of care, trustfulness and guidance, are illustrated in terms of how a shepherd looks after his flock. Then in prophecies from Isaiah, Ezekiel and Micah, the promised Messiah is described as a shepherd. In the gospel Jesus is therefore claiming that he is indeed this promised Messiah, and that his character is that of the ultimate shepherd, who cares for his sheep even to the point of death.

Our services are at the usual times of 7am and 9am, with the 9am services also be streamed on Zoom. The 9am service sheet and the week's Notice Paper are available via the links below. Children's Church restarts for term two during the 9am service.

Yours in Christ

Rev'd Timothy


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