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Weekly letter from St Luke's - 29 April 2022

Dear Parish Friends

This Sunday is the first Sunday of the month, and so there will be a service of Praise, Prayer and Proclamation on Zoom at 6pm on Saturday as well as the usual services on Sunday at 7am and 9am, with the 9am service also being streamed over Zoom. Service sheets for the streamed services, the weekly notice paper, and a reminder of the Zoom address and password are available on the links below.

The theme of the readings is 'being called'. From the book of Acts comes the story of Saul/Paul's Damascus Road conversion, and from the gospel of John, Jesus command to Simon Peter to 'tend my sheep'. They are both turning points, the start of something new, coming out of the old. Both Peter and Paul knew they were hearing the risen Jesus, but he was calling them to a new relationship with him and a new mission. And this is the continuing story throughout the history of the church, of God calling men and women to new ways. In all of this we are assured that God is with us, guiding our way, and we can exclaim, with the Psalmist (Psalm 30:10):

Hear, O Lord, and be gracious to me!

O Lord, be my helper!”

Yours in Christ

Rev'd Timothy


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